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One Page Business Plans: Simple and Highly Effective

Learn how to write a complete business plan in the equivalent of 29 tweets (or less) on a single page using keywords and short phrases. Read more

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Business Plan Template for a Startup Business

To increase your odds of a successful business startup, download this step-by-step business plan template you can use to plan for your new business. Read more


5 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Business Plan

Doing some pre-startup homework and crafting a business plan now will make your life post-startup so much easier. Read more

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Evaluating Your Entrepreneurial Potential

Is starting a business the best way to achieve your goals? Will the demands of starting a business take time away from, rather than add to, the other commitments in your life?... Read more

Bank Loan Request

A template containing a sample cover letter for a bank loan request. Read more

Start-up Expenses

Download a free spreadsheet to estimate your business startup costs. Read more

Business Plan for an Established Business

This business plan consists of a narrative and several financial spreadsheets. The narrative template is the body of the business plan. It contains more than 150 questions divided... Read more


Business Plan for a Startup Business

These are business planning worksheets for SCORE clients. SCORE recommends they be completed to the extent possible prior to your counselor meetings.  Read more


Tools and Templates

Our local library of tools and templates to help you get started or continue your business on the right path. Business Plans Business Plan for a Startup Business Business Plan for... Read more

Opening a Small Import Business

Question: I'm planning on importing wooden handicrafts from Central America, and I would like to know what the legal requirements are to open a small import business. --- Susan... Read more

How to Successfully Start or Buy a Business in 2008

Note:  While written in 2007, the principles in this article are timeless. New business trends make 2008 a year of great opportunity. If you want to start or buy a company, there... Read more

Why Start-ups Fail

Question:  I believe I have a sound business idea, have done focus groups and am working on the business plans. But I find the percentage of start-ups that fail very disheartening... Read more

Make No Mistake

Everyone makes mistakes, but you wouldn't believe some of the blunders I've seen in business plans over the years. Here are some real examples from recent plans I have read: "... Read more

Partnership Formation Checklist

Every partnership, no mater how large or small, needs a written Partnership Agreement. Agreements reduce the likelihood of future disagreements, and in the rare case one should... Read more


Does Your Business Plan Answer These Key Questions?

What you need to know, and most importantly, what you need to be able to articulate both in person and in a written business plan. Read more