When owner Kent Collins struggled with finding the right employees and setting up his books, he got in touch with SCORE for guidance. “I learned later in life to ask for help,” Collins says. “This was something I did not want to fail with, so I did some research and found SCORE.”

Clipper Landscaping provides routine maintenance along with spring and fall cleanups, mulching, edging, pruning walkways and plowing. After providing services to customers, all yard waste is recycled by the company.


My successes. 

“One thing I can truly say that sticks with me on a daily basis is giving me goals for increases in the customer base along with revenue,” Collins says of the effects of his mentorship experience. “Whether it be a number or percentage, both Steve and Dick helped me to keep setting the bar a bit higher, thus keeping me focused.”

Collins reports he has doubled his customer base in each of the three mowing seasons his company has covered. “In the first two seasons I doubled my gross sales and this year I have just about tripled that number from the previous year,” he says.

How SCORE helped. 

Collins attended workshops on how to start and grow a business along with building effective business websites. He worked one-on-one with mentors Dick Krause and Steve Hershfield, meeting with them monthly before scaling back to less-frequent meetings.

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