The New Must Have Marketing Strategy for 2022 March 15, 2022
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Reviewed and recommended by Valerie Kijewski, Mentor, Seacoast SCORE

"I thought that the presenter did an excellent job of identifying the key buyer and marketing trends as well as indicating the appropriate actions the business must take to appropriately respond. She indicated that the key trends included consumers being focused upon aligning with social and environmental movements, requiring authenticity and transparency with whom they will do business, and that the ‘hard-sell’ is being abandoned for a focus on educating and authentic interaction with customers. To accomplish this customer interaction in the digital world, a business needs to embrace live streaming to educate and demonstrate, create video with customers and influences, and optimize web sites to capture and own direct access to customers. Among the digital channels emerging as more powerful are TikTok for use by small businesses, and well as Clubhouse discussion rooms. The author also presented information from Gartner that indicates 72% of all marketing spending is currently using digital channels.  I would recommend this webinar as being the appropriate level to introduce our clients to an interesting overview of what will be required to launch and maintain a digital marketing campaign in today’s environment." 

About the Presenter(s)

 Maureen  Edwards

Maureen is an award-winning international branding and marketing specialist and strategist with 25-years’ experience in the craft.

Marketing Strategist, Inventor and Founder, 8 Simple Steps
The New Must Have Marketing Strategy for 2022