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Protect your business assets — know the rules

Today’s litigious and highly complex business arena often requires more specialization than most small businesses are able to provide on their own. For example, employing part-... Read more

Choose the Best Business Structure

In starting my own business, I had a big decision to make. Should I begin as a sole proprietor, a sub chapter S corporation or a limited liability company? Each offers its... Read more

How to Choose a Lawyer with Business and Legal Savvy

Here are a few simple suggestions of what to consider when selecting a corporate attorney. Demand responsiveness. Good attorneys are responsive to their client’s needs. If you are... Read more

Partnership Formation Checklist

Every partnership, no mater how large or small, needs a written Partnership Agreement. Agreements reduce the likelihood of future disagreements, and in the rare case one should... Read more


Financing Sources

Many clients believe that banks are a source of funds for a new business, but this is rarely true. Banks require a good business and credit history, along with collateral for the... Read more


Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations

You may be required to obtain local, county, state or federal licensing.  Regulated businesses may be subjected to certification, registration or accreditation and may experience... Read more


Insurance Coverages

Insurance is an important consideration when forming or operating a business.  It can help protect your investment and provide assurances and security to customers, employees,... Read more


Tax Computations for NH Businesses

New Hampshire does have a State Income tax, in spite of what is often claimed.  Businesses pay income tax on profits; individuals, partnerships, and LLCs pay income tax on... Read more


Business Planning Worksheet

The information included on these worksheets will help you with your business planning and provide the background necessary to guide your efforts toward the completion of a final... Read more