Market Your Business

Get tips, templates and training on marketing your small business.



Market Your Business

Get tips, templates, and training on marketing your small business.

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Identifying Your Core Value Proposition

A core value proposition is the value that customers get from doing business with you. It's not your product or service. It’s the overall essence that makes your business stand... Read more


SCORE Small Business Marketing Plan

6 steps to develop a 12-month marketing plan. Read more


Launching Your First Business? A Digital Marketing Crash Course

If you want to dominate your local markets, then you’ll need to glean some knowledge from this digital marketing crash course for first-time business owners. Read more


Local Merchants’ Marketing Goes Digital

The 2017 Local Merchant Report surveyed businesses on their online marketing. Learn the findings and best practices from these local businesses. Read more


How Digital Is Your Business?

There are more sophisticated and affordable online tools available to small businesses. Learn how to take full advantage of all the digital tools available. Read more