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Does Your Business Plan Answer These Key Questions?

What you need to know, and most importantly, what you need to be able to articulate both in person and in a written business plan. Read more


Innovator's Inventory

The top 10 questions would-be entrepreneurs should ask themselves before pursuing an idea for a business: Read more


Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations

You may be required to obtain local, county, state or federal licensing.  Regulated businesses may be subjected to certification, registration or accreditation and may experience... Read more


Insurance Coverages

Insurance is an important consideration when forming or operating a business.  It can help protect your investment and provide assurances and security to customers, employees,... Read more


Tax Computations for NH Businesses

New Hampshire does have a State Income tax, in spite of what is often claimed.  Businesses pay income tax on profits; individuals, partnerships, and LLCs pay income tax on... Read more


Business Planning Worksheet

The information included on these worksheets will help you with your business planning and provide the background necessary to guide your efforts toward the completion of a final... Read more


Becoming an Independent Consultant

Making the decision to become an Independent Consultant can be challenging yet rewarding. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind and how to get started. Read more


Types of Business Entities

The structure your business assumes is important in determining your limitations and liabilities Read more

National Event

National Small Business Week Virtual Conference 2020

This event will include educational presentations and panel discussions that help both new and existing businesses to recover, adapt and innovate. Read more

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